3 Things to Consider Before Investing in a Vacation Property in Puerto Vallarta

By NuHome Realty Co.
Category: ABCs of Vallarta Property Investment, Real Estate

For nearly 2 decades, we at NuHome have been helping prospective buyers find their ideal vacation properties in Vallarta-Nayarit. Without a doubt, the task can often seem very overwhelming. Our team accompanies buyers throughout their entire purchasing process in order to ensure our clients feel supported and protected.

Are you buying for the right reasons?

Take a little bit to sit with yourself and hash out the reasons why you are looking to buy a vacation home in the first place. Are you planning for retirement? Looking for an extra income by renting your vacation home? Keep in mind that vacation rentals often rent during a seasonal cycle, so it’ll be important to plan your own vacation time accordingly. Of course, there are no wrong reasons here – it’s just a great idea to make sure you’ve got a level head on it all.

What is your budget? No, but really.

Going over-budget is a great way to minimize the return on your investment. At NuHome, our team is committed to providing a personalized service to work with you and your budget to make sure you’re not looking to purchase out of your means. Consider the added costs of a vacation home: HOA dues, property management, utilities, taxes, insurance, mortgage, etc.

It’s a great idea to hire a local agent.

Hiring a local agent is important. Especially when you’re buying a vacation home in another country. Working with a local real estate agent in Puerto Vallarta will help you to better understand the rules and regulations around being a foreigner and owning property in Mexico.



Want to learn more? Talk to our team at NuHome today to learn how we can help you find your ideal vacation property in Vallarta-Nayarit. We have nearly 2 decades of experience helping homeowners and investors to develop solid real estate investment strategies.

This is the second in NuHome’s short series of articles “ABCs of Vallarta Property Investment” designed to provide practical answers to property sellers and prospective buyers in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit looking to maximize the opportunities available in today’s buoyant market.