Vallarta’s Best: Coffee Shops.

By NuHome Realty Co.
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While the option to make your own cuppa joe at home always exists, there are inevitably going to be plenty of moments when you’ll need a great coffee shop in Puerto Vallarta. Whether you are running late, or looking for a great place for a casual business meeting or to reunite with an old friend, coffee shops are always there for you.

Like just about anything else you could be looking for, Puerto Vallarta is home to a wide variety of wonderful little coffee shops. It can take some time to try them all, so in between making sure our clients find the perfect real estate advice in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, we’ve gone ahead and done the work for you and put together a short list of our favorite Puerto Vallarta cafés.

A Page in the Sun

A Page in the Sun has been a Puerto Vallarta icon for over 20 years. Their coffee is organically grown and produces right here in the Sierra Madre mountains. The growing, drying, and roasting process is all done 100% locally and trust us, the coffee’s good. Besides fantastic coffee and atmosphere, the café also doubles as a massive used bookstore.

Conexión Cafe

Conexión Cafe is a cozy hideaway coffee shop located in Puerto Vallarta’s historic center. It’s a bit of an adventure to find your way in, but once inside the space you have plenty of spots to choose from and a balcony boasting wonderful views of the Guadalupe Church and Malecon below.


With two locations both in the Versailles neighborhood area of Puerto Vallarta, Natureza is a wonderful option when it comes to coffee outside of the Old Town and Centro area. One location also functions as a shared coworking space, and the other is a hip restaurant/café with wonderful food and fantastic drinks.

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