Why is it better to invest in a house for sale in Puerto Vallarta

By NuHome Realty Co.
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Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is undoubtedly one of the best places to purchase homes for sale in Mexico. From the north end of Jalisco to the south of Nayarit, the Banderas Bay area is at the forefront of Mexican tourism and world-renowned hospitality. The locale has everything to offer, from golden beaches to lush mountains. It is also home to some of the finest properties in the area, offering luxurious interiors with stunning panoramic views. 

Puerto Vallarta, in particular, has a charisma that surpasses many other towns and cities in North America. Let’s look at the magic that surrounds Puerto Vallarta and what makes it so attractive. 

  • Weather: Puerto Vallarta has a tropical climate with warm weather year-round. The hottest months are from June through October, with more comfortable conditions running from November to May. 
  • Cost of living: Mexico has a low cost of living compared to the US and Canada, and though Puerto Vallarta is a tourist destination, it compares very well to the rest of the country. 
  • Medical services in the Banderas Bay area are of an exceptionally high standard at reasonable costs.  
  • Activities and things to do: From relaxing on the beach to extreme sports, Vallarta and the surrounding area have something for everyone of every age. You will not be short of things to do or see. 
  • Hospitality: With friendly locals and a plethora of ex-pat groups, you can be assured of a red-carpet welcome. 
  • Safety: Puerto Vallarta, and Jalisco as a whole, is one of the safest places in Mexico. 
  • Bi-lingual: As a tourist destination, many people speak Spanish and English, making integration into the community a little easier. 
  • Ease of travel: The area is well served by busses, taxis, Uber, or private transportation, not to mention the International Airport just a short drive from old town Vallarta, or Bucerias and less than an hour from most of the best beach destinations in Jalisco and Nayarit.  
  • Good return on your investment: Purchasing a home for sale in Puerto Vallarta is an excellent opportunity. A buoyant real estate market makes Jalisco and Nayarit a hugely attractive area to invest in property or land, ensuring a good return on any investment. 

Remember To Use The Right Agent 

Purchasing a home for sale is one of the most important decisions a person can make. With this in mind, it is advisable to use a professional realtor you can trust. NuHome Mexico offers a personalized, boutique service with many years of experience and local knowledge. Our expert team of real estate agents at NuHome is happy to advise potential buyers and guide you through the exciting process of purchasing real estate in Mexico.