The best areas to rent in Banderas Bay

Banderas Bay

Banderas Bay has many miles of pristine coastline. At its heart is the city of Puerto Vallarta, peppered on either side with smaller beach towns and dwellings. A dream location for vacationers, with hotel resorts and private rentals to fit every need. Activities and amenities are well served and connected by modern infrastructure and a thriving economy.  

Of the many thousands of rentals available, it can be a minefield trying to make the right decision, whether it is luxurious and quiet, bustling in the heart of old town, modern condominium, or traditional casa. For these reasons, it is imperative to consult a professional realtor such as NuHome Realty Co. Our team of specialists will guide you through every stage of the process, such as legalities, rental contracts, deposits, or helping you decide the correct location that fits a specific requirement. 

Three Of The Top Areas To Rent In The Banderas Bay Area 

Old Town Puerto Vallarta: 

As the modern world consumes our daily lives, Puerto Vallarta’s Old Town retains many of its past charm and fascination. The bustling core of the city is home to countless restaurants, bars, and open-air markets. The Malecon is the focal point where tourists mingle with locals to savor the sultry ocean breeze and the tropical roast of the Sierra Madre mountains. Rentals range from low cost and basic to opulent luxury, flaunting spectacular panoramic views within easy walking distance to all amenities.  


Bucerías means ‘place of divers,’ and is a small beach resort town about 20km north of Puerto Vallarta. Located in the state of Nayarit, Bucerias has a more tranquil feel than its larger neighbor to the south. The fluorescence and charm blend many brightly painted homes with tree-lined streets of Jacaranda, Buganbillia, and Primavera, adding a kaleidoscope of color year-round. A long unbroken beach is perfect for swimming, paddling, or jet-skiing. Restaurants range from traditional to fine dining, and the town has a thriving arts and crafts scene for those with a creative aptitude and flair. In many cases, the cost of living in Bucerias is slightly less expensive compared to Puerto Vallarta. 

Punta Mita:

For opulence and sheer luxury, Punta Mita will leave you gasping for breath. Sitting on an arrow-shaped peninsula at the north end of Banderas Bay, the 1,500-acre resort and residential community are surrounded on three sides by white sand beaches. Sporting two golf courses and a hospital, Punta Mita is the ultimate getaway location. 

And Many More 

Banderas Bay has an abundance of rental opportunities, both long and short-term. For information on some of the best properties to rent, contact NuHome Realty Co today for expert advice tailored to you and your family’s individual needs.  

Make your stay in Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit unforgettable, starting with the perfect place to lay your head.