Bucerias: A Traditional Mexican Town with a Modern Vibe

By NuHome Realty Co.
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Living in Bucerias

The beach town of Bucerias is located 17 miles from Puerto Vallarta’s Old Town and six miles from Nuevo Vallarta. Playing host to almost sixteen thousand residents, Bucerias is small and elegant yet quietly energetic with a vibrant, modern feel painted in tradition. 

Living in Bucerias is uncomplicated and trouble-free, with a perfect vibe for relaxation and calm. While strolling along the cobbled streets, bask in the blooming flora that bedecks the town in a riot of color and charming fascination. Influenced by the surrounding nature, many homes are brightly painted and complimented with ornate wooden doors, typically Mexican in design. Boutiques, book shops, and artisan stores add to the quintessential feel and allure of Bucerias. Browse at your unexacting leisure.  

Bucerias Beach Time 

Speaking of leisure, Bucerias boasts five miles of unbroken sandy beach. Sea waves are gentle enough for swimmers, with children able to splash around the water’s edge without a care in the world. The sweet-tempered ocean is perfect for other aquatic adventures such as snorkeling, diving, fishing, or sailing. Enjoy the sunset from one of the oceanfront restaurants serving freshly caught seafood and locally sourced delicacies, rounding off a relaxing day. 

Bucerias Restaurants 

If beach dining is not your thing, Bucerias has many other restaurants and street-food vendors throughout the town. Whatever your price range, flavor and taste are at the top of the agenda with succulent-filled tacos to chic and sophisticated al la carte menus. Bucerias is a gastronomic heavyweight, packing a culinary punch.  

Bucerias Arts And Crafts 

Bucerias has an incredible array of arts, crafts, jewelry, and Mexican collectibles. Barter at the local flea market for vacation gifts or furnish your home with handcrafted furniture or olde-worlde antiques. During the winter months, a self-guided Art Walk covers most of the town’s art district (known as the Golden Zone), where some rare artistic treasures and gems are sure to be found.  

Bucerias: Living Here Is Easy 

Relocating or owning a second home in Mexico’s Banderas Bay is a dream for many people. Though not as busy or as well-known as Puerto Vallarta, Bucerias is a fantastic alternative if you seek a quieter sanctuary away from the bustle of city life.  

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