Real Estate México: The ultimate investing guide.

By NuHome Realty Co.
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Real Estate México. There has never been a better time to invest in Mexican real estate. Despite recent worldwide events, Mexico has remained buoyant, with visitors and overseas investment at record highs. In particular, coastal and tropical areas have seen some of the best returns in the country, with the top five real estate destinations situated either on the Pacific or Caribbean coastlines.  

So what are the benefits of buying property in Mexico, and why is it such an attractive prospect for investors? 

Mexico is a global tourist destination, with close to 45 million visitors annually, and number seven on the list of most visited countries. With modern infrastructure, stunning locations, and near-perfect year-round weather, Mexico is an incredible choice for someone looking to own a second home. 

Financial And Cultural Ties, Real Estate Mexico

Purchasing Real Estate in Mexico can yield an excellent return on investment (ROI). In fact, some rental properties around coastal areas offer as much as 10% ROI, currently better than stock market returns.  

For prospectors from Canada and the United States, the exchange rate against the Mexican Peso is favorable, meaning many great deals are available. Buying a similar home north of the border will yield a lot less in comparison.  

Culturally too, Mexico has close ties with the U.S and Canada. Many people living and working in vacation hot spots are bilingual, with large ex-pat groups and local residents coexisting, making integration almost seamless. 

Living In Paradise  

Mexico is a dream destination with an array of activities for all ages and interests. Champagne shorelines encompass most of the country, with lush jungle, mountains, and vast canyons showcasing nature at its finest.  

Culture, tradition, and history radiate national pride, while diverse industry and bustling towns and cities demonstrate a modern, vibrant nation open to the world. 

One of the finest examples is the Bay of Banderas on Mexico’s Pacific seaboard. The city of Puerto Vallarta is the hub of the bay and is flanked by smaller beach towns, all offering stunning panoramic ocean and mountain views. Holiday homes and vacation rentals provide luxury living at affordable prices.  

Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area are served by an international airport, with flights arriving from all over Mexico and the world. Just 209 miles inland sits the cosmopolitan city of Guadalajara, home of mariachi and tequila. Ideal for a weekend away.  

Expert Guidance And Advice 

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