Experience the Unique Real Mexico in La Cruz

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A true Mexican, the Real Mexico, paradise awaits you in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, a charming fishing village located just 6km up the coast from Bucerias. With its traditional culture and recently modernized Riviera Nayarit Marina – it’s sure to offer something for everyone! Experience all of Mexico’s beauty here; go on an enchanting journey as fishermen arrive at the pier with their Panga boats full of fresh catches. Feel like royalty surrounded by beautiful landscapes and incredible sights that look straight out of a postcard so come explore what La Cruz has to offer today!

The Real Mexico, a tropical paradise

Experience the tropical paradise of Mexico’s Pacific coast from Nayarit Marina and take in spectacular sunsets while sipping a margarita at the Sky Bar. With an accessible capacity of 400 vessels measuring between 30 to 400 feet, this contemporary marina is equipped with all necessary amenities, such as bathrooms & showers, security services electricity outlets and fueling stations. Featuring an array of attractions including yacht club facilities business center sky bar restaurant seafood market pier plus one of Mexico’s best-equipped shipyards – come explore something new!

Welcome to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

Welcome to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico – a paradise of opportunity! Whether you’re looking for investment opportunities or simply wanting to relax on the golden sands and enjoy exquisite local cuisine with an unrivaled 50 year tradition- this is your destination. The future of La Cruz offers 132,000 meters (82 miles) just waiting to be explored; come experience El Tizate, Cruz de Huanacaxlte, La Manzanilla, Piedra Blanca and Arena Blanca where beauty meets adventure. Don’t miss out- make plans now so that you can join us in discovering all the amazing things awaiting at one of Latin America’s newest hotspots–La Cruz De Huancaxtle!

Welcome to an incredible virtual journey of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico! This stunning destination is now open for investments and development with a total area region over 82 miles in size. Take your exploration up another notch by visiting the amazing La Cruz Market – all from the comfort of home through Virtual Reality! Experience more than 100 images at 360-degree view showcasing some local favorites like products and stories you can explore on social media platforms or contact directly from this unique VR experience.