Located in a MYSTIC and vibratory privileged setting of high level, El Tuito with its very privileged climate, is a magical place of opening of consciousness and is perfectly dedicated to the activities of personal development and Tantra, such as yoga.
The residence is a former Boutique-Hotel-Restaurant, Hotelito Jardin Del Tuito, which combines all the elements of success and harmony: the hostess (Lolo) has created a true fusion between Mexican tradition and the delicacy of French decoration.
Finally, the 400 m2 garden has been specially designed for guests and can be used simply to escape to the countryside, to get away from it all, to live away from noise and pollution, to relax and unwind.

Amazing investment opportunity near Mayto and Tehuamixtle, ideal for developing an ecological project, over 75 acres of land with ocean view and, over 2 acres neighbouring the beach, there is a large green area with palm trees and a fixer upper club house with pools. This region is growing rapidly along with the government support for the Costa Alegre Project that is going to bring millions of dollars investment in infrastructure an becoming one of the main tourist destinations in Jalisco in medium term, this year a landing runway for private planes is going to be finished and 3 important projects of condominiums and urbanization.