House for sale with City and Garden views

Casa Manaña Manaña might be one of the most photographed homes in San Pancho, due to its prime location right on the main street of Avenida Tercer Mundo in San Pancho (San Francisco) Nayarit and also the charming classic Mexican painting of a sombrero clad hombre resting on a cactus in a golden desert landscape. Now Casa Manaña Manaña is for sale with turn-key rental income!
Upon entering the house, one can choose the upstairs unit or the downstairs (streetside) unit (which has its own private entrance also). Built for two families, the house presently works great for full timers upstairs and a rental unit downstairs. Two families could go in on this investment, or one could rent out both units, or live in one and rent out the other. There is room for additions if desired and otherwiseready to move in and start living the Mexico life.
The upstairs has a lush shaded balcony over the street perfect for morning and sunset lounging. This upstairs one bedroom unit connects to a balcony in the back hovering over the garden with sky-rocketing palms, letting in plenty of natural light and connecting around the corner to the kitchen. Perfect for entertaining. It also has a spacious open concept living space sprawling out to the San Pancho main street balcony. The bottom unit has a similar layout, with outdoor kitchen and more space in the back garden, complete with hammocks and plenty of greenery.