Land for sale with Jungle and Ocean views

Kayumari is a large, secluded, 36.5 acre expanse of titled, jungle paradise towering over San Pancho. Located in the lush, tropical mountainside immediately outside of San Pancho (San Francisco), this large parcel consists of 14+ hectares of privacy. Lote Kayumari consists of rolling hills and expansive 360 degrees of unobstructed lush jungle, and distant ocean views. This is a nature lovers paradise, surrounded by large mature trees and lush green landscape in every direction. Adding to the tranquil, serene ambience are the sounds of many bird calls & songs. At the peak of the highest hill-top, you are presented with a stunning ocean view along with a scenic shot of the town of San Pancho. The property also has its very own ”Ojo de Agua”, a natural spring water well which is easilyidentifiable by large cropping of Bamboo growing naturally by it. The variety of flora & fauna & the immensity of all this natural beauty truly is an Eco-developers dream come true.