Land for sale with Street and Stree views

Attention Builders. Possible 6 units with commercial on the bottom. Only 3 parking needed and full coverage. Brand new build next door on same size lot will show you what you can build. Owner of lot willing to buy a top floor condo and give better terms on price of lot. A few lots down are all new houses on 6.5 x 16.5 lots. Seller would also consider a new house built on 1/2 the lot and give better price on the lot. Very quiet area. Seller will look at great terms with large downpayment on outright sale. Seller will be negiotable on price if buyer builds something for him at reasonable cost. Owner financing available under the right terms. PICTURE # 8 IS A PICTURE OF NEW BUILD NEXT DOOR, BUILT ON THE SAME SIZE LOT. EXAMPLE OF WHAT CAN BE BUILT.